Top 13 Best Laptop Under $400 (REVEALED!)

Best Laptop Under $400

Whether you’re a student, a stay-at-home parent or a professional on the go, a Best Laptop Under $400 is an important tool in your daily life.

However, with so many laptops on the market, it can be hard to decide which laptop is the right one for you.

What’s the right screen size, processor, memory, weight and battery life? Our experts have been testing laptops for years and love to help consumers choose the perfect laptop!

In the Kitchen Appliances and Culinary Innovation Lab, our engineers evaluate laptop performance, looking at factors like battery life, processing power and graphics capabilities.

When testing laptops, we also look at how they heat up, how easy they are to type on, and how easy they are to use and store.

Our experts also review the laptops online, looking for customer feedback and checking to see which models receive the most favorable reviews. After hours of research and testing, these are the 13 best laptops under $400:

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2 in 1 Laptop:

The Asus Chromebook Flip C433 2-in-1 has a solid construction, quick performance, and a gorgeous screen, but its underpowered processor and lackluster battery life mean it’s not a good choice for most demanding tasks.

We love its 14-inch touchscreen display, which is small enough to fit in a 13-inch laptop footprint, and its 360-degree hinge, which lets you flip the screen into tent, stand, or tablet mode with little effort.

However, the display doesn’t use FHD, it uses HD+, so it looks a little underwhelmingly small, and its display colors are a bit washed out.

It has excellent speakers and uses USB-C Type-A and USB Type-C ports, which makes it versatile, but it has only one USB Type-A port, which limits you to one device at a time.

The keyboard is responsive and backlit, and it offers a good range of sizes, but it’s a little shallow.

Overall, the Asus Chromebook Flip is a solid choice for students and entry-level users who want to save space on their work desk, but it’s best for light use, such as browsing, email, and word processing.

Pros And Cons:

– Lightweight and slim design
– 14" touchscreen display
– 8GB RAM and 64GB eMMC storage
– No USB-A ports
– Poor battery life
– No SD card slot
– No 2-in-1 functionality

Features We Like

  • -Two USB Type-C Ports
  • -Built-in Virus Protection
  • -Fast Boot Up and Updates
  • -Stand, Tent, and Tablet Modes
  • -14-Inch Screen
  • -Intel Core m3 Processor
  • -Includes USB C to HDMI Adapter
  • -Backlit Keyboard
  • -64GB Storage
  • -Includes Chrome OS, Google Play and Android Apps

2. ASUS Chromebook CX1, 14″ Full HD NanoEdge Display:

The ASUS Chromebook CX1 is an affordable Chromebook computer with an 11.6-inch display, an Intel Celeron processor and Chrome OS.

At $279, the CX1 is cheaper than its rivals, but we found that its performance was on a par with pricier models.

The CX1’s display was bright and sharp, though its viewing angles were limited to 90o (out of 180o) unless you tilted the display back.

Its audio, on the other hand, had decent volume and sounded clear, though it didn’t sufficiently fill the computer’s compact chassis. The laptop was responsive, though we noticed a few minor hiccups with Windows 10.

We appreciated its long battery life, which exceeded that of its rivals (including the Acer Chromebook R13, which costs $299) and lasted 12 hours in our tests.

The laptop has only one USB Type-C port, so you can’t charge it using a power bank or external drive at the same time.

Pros And Cons:

– Lightweight and portable
– Affordable
– Good specs
– No HD camera
– No SD card slot

Features We Like

  • -NanoEdge Display
  • -64 GB eMMC Storage
  • -1920 x 1080 Display
  • -10-12 Hours Battery Life
  • -NanoEdge Display
  • -64 GB eMMC Storage
  • -1920 x 1080 Display
  • -10-12 Hours Battery Life
  • -Thin and Light Design

3. Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim Laptop:

The Acer Aspire 5 is an immersive, powerful laptop that’s well-suited for multimedia tasks like watching movies, playing games and using business applications.

With a quad-core Ryzen 3 processor and 4GB of RAM, this laptop completes daily tasks quickly and smoothly, and the 1080p IPS display is bright and colorful.

It has a strong set of ports and a decent battery, and both Beats Audio and Acer Purified Voice audio technologies deliver high-quality audio for activities like gaming and listening to music.

Although we wish the keyboard and trackpad were better. But the biggest drawback is the price:

The Acer Aspire 5 is currently unavailable in most regions, and it costs as much as our top budget pick, the ASUS C302CA, but comes with worse specs and a weaker design.

Pros And Cons:

– Slim, lightweight, compact design
– Multiple connectivity options (USB-C, HDMI, Bluetooth)
– Fast startup, multitasking
– Good battery life
– Decent keyboard
– 90-day warranty
– Audio quality is average
– No SD card reader
– No webcam

Features We Like

Features We Like
-15.6" Full HD Anti-glare Display
-AMD Ryzen 3 3350U Processor
-AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics
-4GB DDR4 Memory
-128GB SSD Storage
-Acer Purified.Voice
-Chrome 60 Browser
-Windows 10 Home (S mode)
-Bluetooth 4.2
-WiFi 6
-4-cell Li-Ion Battery (Up to 8 Hours)
-Intelligent Cooling
-Backlit Keyboard
-Windows Hello
-Backlit Chiclet Keyboard
-Fingerprint Reader
-USB Type C
-Killer DoubleShot Pro
-HDMI 1.4
-Ultra-thin and Light Design

4. HP 15.6” Laptop (Latest Model):

The HP 15.6-inch laptop is a great choice for students, thanks to its great value for the money. This upgraded model has a more powerful processor and a larger-capacity hard drive than previous HP models.

It also runs quieter, thanks to HP’s use of less-powerful cooling fans. The 15.6-inch screen is bright enough for most uses and is a great size for working, browsing the web, or watching movies.

It has great battery life, up to 6 hours on our tests, and it’s extremely portable, weighing less than 4 pounds. It’s also well-built, especially considering its low price.

Like most HP laptops, this one runs Windows 8.1, but you can save hundreds of dollars (or more) by switching to Windows 10 S, a special version of the operating system that only allows apps from the Microsoft app store.

The Windows 10 S version has many limitations, including the inability to install or use most third-party software. If you want regular Windows 10, your best option is to spend a bit more on a desktop model.

Pros And Cons:

– Lightweight
– 0.8-inch thin, with a 10.2 display
– Impressive 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD storage
– Good color contrast
– 15.6widescreen display
– Good keyboard
– No HDMI 2.0 or 3.0 output
– Only 1 USB-C port
– No SD card reader

Features We Like

  • -Latest Model
  • -The World’s Smallest & Lightest Laptop
  • -Upgraded RAM is upgraded to 8GB high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once
  • -Upgraded Hard Drive is upgraded to 128GB Solid State Drive to allow faster bootup and data transfer
  • -Original Seal is opened for upgrade
  • -Long Battery Life
  • -Windows OS

5. 2022 Newest ASUS Military-Grade Student Laptop:

The ASUS 2021 2021 10.1″ Chromebook notebooks are an affordable and trendy option. They’re designed for K-12 students, but teens and adults will appreciate them for their easy-to-use Chrome OS, lightweight design, and affordable price.

The 2021 2021 10.1″ Chromebook comes in three color options: red, silver, and blue. The silver and blue machines come in either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage, whereas the red model only comes with 16GB.

The silver and blue models also feature 2GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron N3350 processor, while the red model only comes with 1GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron N2807 processor.

No connectivity options are included on the Chromebooks, but each model features a micro HDMI port, a USB 2.0 port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Their displays are 10.1″ widescreens with 1280 x 800 resolution and 300 nits of brightness. The displays are protected by scratch-resistant glass.

The keyboards are spill-resistant, and the laptops are protected by heavy-duty steel bumpers. The 2021 2021 10.1″ Chromebook comes with a one-year warranty.

Features We Like

  • -Designed for K-12 Students
  • -Military-Grade
  • -Passed demanding military-grade MIL-STD-810G
  • -Designed to be durable
  • -Tamper-resistant keyboard
  • -Increased need to work on devices
  • -Low emission blue light screen
  • -Kids can see screens better
  • -Kids have more time for learning
  • -Kids are more engaged
  • -Kids use less devices
  • -Free up time for teacher
  • -Kids learn more

Pros And Cons:

– Excellent performance
– Good value
– High durability
– Good battery life
– Great display
– Bulky
– Not ideal for gamers
– Slow boot time

6. ASUS Laptop L210 11.6” ultra thin:

A 2K display is hard to find in a laptop under $400, and the ASUS L210 is one of the thinnest and lightest 2K laptops we’ve tested.

The screen is bright, crisp, and colorful, and its speakers are loud enough to fill a small room.

The touchpad is accurate, and it’s comfortable to use for typing, but it’s small compared to most laptops these days.

The L210 also lacks the setup and configuration options of some competitors, and its fan is a little noisy.

That said, it’s a great laptop for someone looking for something compact and ultraportable.

Features We Like

  • -Intel Celeron N4020 Processor
  • -Lightweight, Slim Design
  • -Slim 11.6 HD Display
  • -4GB RAM
  • -64GB eMMC Storage
  • -Windows 10 in S Mode and Office 365 Personal
  • -Battery

Pros And Cons:

– Lightweight, thin
– Incredibly affordable
– 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage
– Windows 10 Home in S mode
– One year of Office 365 Personal
– Battery life is very mediocre; 2 hours on battery
– No touch screen

7. Asus E410 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB 64GB 14-Inch HD LED Win 10 Laptop:

On paper, the E410 has strong performance with an Intel Core N4020 dual-core processor, 4GB memory, and 64GB of solid-state storage. But in practice, performance is not up to par, and the system takes too long to boot up.

The included Windows 10 Home operating system is also clunky, and Asus’ touchpad is unresponsive.

The E410’s 14-inch display has decent image quality and viewing angles, but it’s disappointing to see this notebook equipped with an HD 1366 x 768 resolution display.

The speakers, too, are weak and inaudible. The E410 gets an overall 3.5 stars in our tests.

Features We Like

  • -Intel Celeron N4020 Dual-Core Processor 1.1GHz Up to 2.8GHz
  • -4GB SDRAM
  • -64GB eMMC Storage
  • -14-inch HD LED Display (1366 x 768) / Integrated Intel Graphics
  • -Webcam / Wi-Fi 802.11 / Stereo speakers
  • -2 USB Type-A HDMI / Card reader / 1 headphone/microphone combo
  • -3-cell Li-ion Battery / AC power adapter / Windows 10

Pros And Cons:

– Budget-friendly
– Good specs for the price
– Screen is small
– Not ideal for larger hands & fingertips

8. 2020 HP 14″ HD (1366 x 768) Thin and Light Laptop PC:

Intel’s Celeron N4020 dual-core CPU and 4GB DDR4 memory are more than fast enough for this lightweight laptop, and the system didn’t slow down much during testing.

The laptop has a 14-inch screen with 1366-by-768 resolution, which is fine for basic use but seems small compared to most 15-inch models.

The keyboard has wide, shallow keys, and the key travel is shallow, too. The touchpad is small and stiff, and the fingerprint reader is well-placed and captures our prints quickly.

The 2020 HP 14″ HD has decent battery life, lasting a little more than 4 hours in our tests.

The laptop has a HDMI port and a USB-C port, but it lacks a USB 3.0 Type-A port, and it lacks an SD card reader, which is disappointing for a portable model.

The Windows 10 S operating system is great for kids, though, since it limits what users can install and it keeps the system running fast, so it’s a good option for families.

Features We Like

  • -Thin and Light Design
  • -Intel Processor
  • -4 GB DDR4 RAM
  • -64 GB eMMC Storage
  • -HDMI Port
  • -WiFi
  • -Bluetooth
  • -Micro SD Slot
  • -Microsoft 365
  • -Snowflake White

Pros And Cons:

– Fast processor
– Good memory
– HD display
– Affordable price
– Mediocre battery life
– No missing features

9. 2022 ASUS 14″ Thin Light Business Student Laptop Computer:

The ASUS 2022 is a budget laptop that, thanks to its long battery life, solid performance, and reasonable price, is a good option for students or anyone looking for portable power.

The N4020 processor is an older chip, but it’s able to keep up with basic tasks, such as working in Photoshop and browsing the internet.

The 14-inch display, on the other hand, is best suited for office work, although it’s fine for watching movies or streaming Netflix while you’re on the go.

It has only one USB Type-C port, which is a bit of a problem when you’re trying to connect some peripherals, but it does have a little SD card reader.

That said, the 1080p display has wide viewing angles and a matte coating that’s good for outdoor viewing.

Because of its reasonable price and long battery life, the ASUS 2022 is a good buy for anyone looking for a portable laptop with a screen that’s well-suited for office work.

Features We Like

  • -Small Computer with Great Performance
  • -1 Year Office 365 Included
  • -Light Weight
  • -NanoEdge Display

Pros And Cons:

– Good value
– Good battery life
– Detachable keyboard
– Poor build quality

10. 2022 HP Premium 14-inch HD Thin and Light Laptop:

The HP 2022 14-inch is a lightweight, smartly-designed laptop that’s powerful enough to handle any task, but not so large and heavy that you’ll be wrestling it in and out of your backpack.

Its 4K-ready Intel HD 620 graphics are powerful enough for casual gaming and casual video streaming, and there’s no need to worry about its battery life, which came in at an impressive nine hours and 19 minutes in our tests.

The 2022’s speakers are decent, and its webcam is more than adequate for the occasional Skype chat.

The laptop’s 14-inch full HD display makes movies and games look sharp, and thanks to its size and light frame, it’s a very portable laptop.

We used it to stream an episode of The Flash on Netflix, and even though the 1080p image lacked the deep blacks and rich details you get from a bigger, more expensive model, it was still more than good enough for casual viewing.

Our only real complaint: While the back of the case is made of a durable magnesium alloy plate, the front is made of flimsy plastic. This makes it rattle when placed on a desk, and there’s a bit of flex in the palm rest.

Features We Like

  • – Microsoft 365 with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • – 14-Inch HD, Thin and Light Design
  • – Intel Celeron N4020, 4GB RAM, and 64GB Storage
  • – Micro-edge Bezel Display
  • – Up to 11.5 Hours Battery Life
  • – Rose Gold and Black with White Body
  • – Windows 10
  • – 1 Year Microsoft 365

Pros And Cons:

– Elegant design
– Long battery life
– Good performance
– Heavy

11. 2022 HP Notebook 15 Laptop, 15.6″ HD Display:

The 2022 HP Notebook 15 Laptop sits squarely in the middle of the pack, but its combination of strong performance, great display, and long battery life make it a product that people will find useful.

This is the fastest laptop in our test group, and it returned one of the longest battery life results of any laptop we tested. The laptop feels strong, too, and you won’t feel bad about accidentally throwing it in your bag.

It’s worth noting that the 2022 HP Notebook 15 Laptop performs equally well whether it’s running Windows 8.1 or Windows 11 Home in S mode.

In regular Windows 11 Home mode, the 2022 HP Notebook 15 Laptop is slightly less efficient than most of the laptops we test, but still manages a 3-hour battery life.

We especially like that HP includes a one-year subscription to Office365 Personal (a $120 value) along with this laptop.

Features We Like

  • 15.6-inch Display; 1366 x 768 resolution; 180 degrees wide-viewing angle; 220 nits; 45% NTSC
  • Intel Celeron N4120 (1.1 GHz base frequency, up to 2.6 GHz burst frequency, 4 MB L2 cache, 4 cores)
  • 4GB DDR4 memory; 128GB SSD
  • 1 USB 2.0 port; 1 USB 3.0 port; 1 HDMI 1.4b port; 1 RJ-45 port; 1 audio combo jack; 1 PS/2 combo port with power
  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (1×1) Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.2

Pros And Cons:

– Large screen
– Long battery life
– Relatively low price
– Lightweight, durable construction
– No backlit keyboard
– Only 1 USB-C port

12. Lenovo – IdeaPad 3 15″ HD Touch Screen Laptop:

The IdeaPad 3 15 HD Touch Screen Laptop offers strong performance, with solid graphics, and enough battery life.

The laptop’s 15.6-inch screen is bright enough for outdoor use, but you have to sit relatively close, as the display is too reflective for use in direct sunlight.

Lenovo’s speakers are average, but the laptop’s audio is loud enough to fill a room without standalone speakers. The IdeaPad’s keyboard is surprisingly comfortable to type on, and has a solid feel to it.

Unfortunately, the IdeaPad 3 has a loud enough fan that you can’t use it in quiet environments. The IdeaPad 3’s battery life, as tested, was 5 hours and 26 minutes, which is longer than most comparable laptops.

The IdeaPad 3 has a 1.6GHz Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor, and 4GB of 2666MHz memory, but it’s held back by its 256GB SSD, which has a read and write speed of 550MB/s, which is slow for a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive.

For its $1,000 price point, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 offers enough performance for light-duty work, but we wish the hard drive were faster.

Features We Like

  • -Intel Core i3-1115G4 Processor
  • -Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • -8GB DDR3L RAM
  • -256GB SSD
  • -15.6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) LED-Backlit Display
  • -Windows 10 (64-bit)

Pros And Cons:

– Incredibly sleek, lightweight design
– 15.6-inch HD screen with touch capability
– 256GB SSD
– Flimsy lid; not weatherproof
– Limited ports

13. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop:

The Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop is slim and lightweight, and it features a solid, durable build that feels sturdy enough to hold weight on its screen. It has decent battery life and a sharp, bright display.

It also has an excellent keyboard and an excellent trackpad, so it’s a pleasure to type on and move around on.

However, the Aspire 5’s battery life and performance are mediocre, and its display is a mixed bag. The left-hand side is glossy, and this plastic surface reflects a lot of light, making the display hard to read in bright light.

The right-hand side is matte, and it’s gray, so it blends into the background. It also has a black bar on the top and bottom of the screen that extends beyond the edge of the bezel, making it look cheap.

The speakers sound tinny, and they’re not very loud. They’re also not very powerful, even at max volume. You can also connect the Aspire 5 to an external speaker or sound bar via HDMI.

As it is with most modern laptops, the Aspire 5 comes with Windows 10 in S mode, which restricts it to non-restricted applications.

That means that, out of the box, you can’t use popular apps like YouTube, Steam, and Netflix.

If you’re OK with that, the Aspire 5 is a decent choice. But if you’re looking for a laptop that’s better on its own terms, take a look at our main pick, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000.

Features We Like

  • -15.6-inch Full HD IPS Display (1920 x 1080)
  • -Intel Core i3-7100U Processor (Up to 3.4GHz)
  • -4GB DDR4 Memory
  • -128GB SSD
  • -720p Webcam
  • -802.11AC Wireless
  • -Bluetooth 4.2
  • -HDMI Port
  • -Backlit Keyboard
  • -Windows 10 Home
  • -Integrated HD Audio
  • -4-cell Battery
  • -1 Year Warranty
  • -15.06″ (39.62 cm)
  • -1.8 lbs. (0.83 kg)
  • -Microsoft Windows 10 Home (64-Bit)
  • -Intel® HD Graphics 630
  • -1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C (Data Transfer Only)

Pros And Cons:

– Extremely lightweight
– Super slim design
– Great display
– Good performance
– 12-month warranty
– Pricey

What to look for when buying a Best Laptop Under $400?

There are several things that you should look for when shopping for a laptop, including:

Processor: Upgradeability is important when choosing between laptops. A laptop with an Intel processor will offer better processing speeds and better performance than a laptop with a slower AMD processor.

Hard drive: The speed of your notebook hard drive will determine the speed you can work on your laptop. For example, a laptop with a 5400 rpm hard drive will run slower than one with 7200 rpm.

Graphics card: Most laptops will come with integrated graphics, but there are still a few models on the market that come with a dedicated graphics card.

These graphics cards will enhance your laptop’s gaming capabilities, whether you’re playing 3D games or watching HD movies.

RAM: When shopping for a laptop, you’ll want to make sure it has enough RAM for your needs. The more RAM your laptop has, the faster it’ll run. Some models come with 4GB of RAM; others offer as much as 16GB of RAM.

Battery Life: The battery life of your laptop will vary depending on the model you choose.

What to consider when picking a specific Best laptop Under $400

When you choose a specific laptop, it’s important to consider several factors.

First, make sure you know what you’re looking for in a laptop. Do you want to work on the go? Do you need a laptop for gaming?

Do you simply want a laptop for browsing the Internet and watching movies? The answers to these questions will help you pick out the ideal laptop for you.

Second, make sure you know what your budget is. You’ll find that laptop prices vary significantly, and that’s especially true when it comes to laptops under $400. If you’re on a tight budget, you may need to avoid laptops that have high-end features.

Third, make sure you know what type of operating system you need.

This will depend on whether you plan on using your laptop for work, gaming, or casual use. If you’re not familiar with operating systems and what they do, you may want to do some research before you purchase a laptop.

Fourth, make sure you know what type of processor you need. Many laptops come with processors that are under 1.0GHz.

What to consider when choosing a Best laptop Under $400 on a budget?

Many people tend to spend too much money on a laptop than necessary. You may have to buy a laptop for work or school, but you don’t want to spend more than you have to. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right laptop for you:

Know what you need: The best laptop for you depends on what you need it for. If you plan to use it for work or school, then you should mainly focus on getting something that is cheap yet reliable.

If you plan to use it for gaming, then you should go with something that has a fast processor and a lot of RAM.

Know your budget: Laptops can run from $400 to $5000 or more. You don’t need the most expensive one, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality by getting the cheapest one.

Instead, you should focus on getting a laptop that is on sale and at a price you can afford.

Know where to buy: Buying from an online seller is very convenient, but you may not be able to return it for a refund if you need one.

This is why you should only buy from a store with a good reputation, such as Amazon.

Get a laptop with a warranty: If you don’t like your laptop, you should be able to return it for a refund. Find a store that offers at least a 30-day warranty.

What to consider when choosing a Best laptop Under 400 for school or work?

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a laptop is the operating system.

The majority of laptops come with either Windows or Mac operating systems, but there are also other options that you can choose from. If you are a student, you may be interested in getting a laptop with a Windows operating system.

If you are in a school that uses laptops, you may be able to choose between a Windows or Mac operating system. If you are planning on buying a laptop computer for work, there are two options to consider.

The first option is to buy a laptop with a Windows operating system. The majority of people choose this option, as it is the most used operating system around the world.

The second option is to buy a Mac-based laptop. While this operating system costs a bit more, it is known for being easier to use than Windows.

Which laptop Under $400 are best for music?

Buy an ASUS Chromebook Flip C433 2 in 1 Laptop. It’s one of the best laptops for music. It has built-in Dolby Advanced Audio and stereo speakers.

Which laptop Under $400 are best for business?

The best business laptop under $400 is the ASUS Chromebook CX1, which features a 15.6-inch screen, a 2.16GHz Pentium N3540 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive.

The ASUS Chromebook CX1 also supports both an AMD or an Intel graphics processor. For another business laptop under $400, check out the Toshiba Satellite L645, which features a 15.6-inch screen, a 1.8GHz Intel Core i3-4010U processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive.

The laptop supports either an AMD or an Intel graphics processor.

Which laptop Under 400 are best for gaming?

I recommend the HP 15.6” Laptop with i3-6100U processor and 8GB of memory.
The advantages of this model are that it’s portable and thin (1.8 inches), has a good battery life (15 hours), it’s affordable under $400, and it has a good HD screen that has Full HD resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels.

Its key disadvantages are that it has a slower speed processor and it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card.

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